Help build
our new
house of hope
and change the future
of more than
300 children in need

An opportunity can change everything

Casa da Esperança ( The House of Hope) supports hundreds of children with a save environment promoting education, self-development and most important love.

Currently located in a poverty stricken community called Carolinas in Jaboatão dos Guararapes where we tend to children years 1-5 with after school daycare and technical courses for children 6 to 18, creating means to keep them off the streets.

We are as big
as our dreams.

We want more smiles, more
children away from the streets, and more
space for fun and learning.

We currently care for 135 children,
but want to reach our goal of making a difference in the lives of 300.
That’s why we crucially need you!.

What is the + Esperança? (+ Hope)

A project developed in partnership with many good people to raise funding to amplify the House of Hope’s physical structure.

Larger infrastructure = more comfort + Refuge + Possibilities – Less children on the streets.
The new House of Hope will have a larger structure providing more rooms and a covered multisport court and playground. The full indoor area will be equipped with air conditioning, with the goal of providing and stimulating a higher quality of learning and development.


So that hundreds of children can receive the care they deserve, we need R$ 2.375.000,00 (two millions, three hundred and seventy five thousand reais) to build the new house of hope. Help us make this dream into a reality.

When good people unit, good things happen. We Believe!

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Street Campo Grande, 18 Neighborhood of Candeias Jaboatao dos Guararapes/PE CEP: 54.440-260 Phone: (+55 81) 3473.2616